Diana (crimsonbatlady) wrote in witheronthevine,

*insert fangirl squee here* New... Person.. That'd be me!

I love these movies. :|

So much.

I've been looking for a community like this to join.

Umm, I recently made an icon community for people who like to have/make icons based on the three prophecy movies... If anyone would like to join, that'd be cool, since it's just me right now. And, since I don't have a very good animation maker, *Sigh* my animated icons leave something to be desired.


I hope that this promotion is allowed.. :|

Anyway, back to the fangirl squees. I am totally in love with Gabriel from these movies. Christopher Walken is my God.

Hee hee. ;)

Thanks, and I hope that my post is not deleted! :D!
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