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Prophecy Ficlet

This is something I wrote about a week ago and thought I'd share it with my fellow fans of The Prophecy.

Title:To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
Author: Hannah "Rainwoman" Orlove
Notes: This could be Lucifer or Gabriel, depending on your point of view.

He hates their dreams.

It's a given angels can hear their Father (Thou-Who-Art-In-Heaven-Hallowed-Be-Thy-Name); He speaks to them all the time. Except He spends no time with this angel, one of the ones he loves - or used to love - the most. He spends His time with angels that nonce about His throne and the stupid little monkeys.

This unloved angel spends most of his time on the small green glowing shining planet far below Heaven and far above Hell.

It's a skill to hear monkey dreams, one that's hard to learn and master, but he has done it and learning it was worth singing any number of solo arias.

Most of the dreams he hears are simple things that have no point or purpose and are simply thoughts from the life of the monkey, given freedom in sleep.

Some of the dreams are things that the monkeys wish they did not know, or had not seen, or wish they could forget. stophurtingme iamsorry noidontwantto iwantedto leavemealone iwishyouwouldstop ididnothing ididnotwanto.

The dreams he loves listening to the most are almost nonexistant and are practially impossible to track down. He does not look for them; rather, they seem to come to him when he spends a fair amount of time watching the dreams of just one monkey. Perhaps they think something holy is about, and then their dreams turn to what he wants to hear in his world but can no longer.

They dream of holiness, and purity, and love, and their imaginings of Heaven. They dream of the angel's Father (Thou-Who-Art-In-Heaven-Hallowed-Be-Thy-Name) and how kind He is, how wonderful He sounds, the goodness He makes for them.

And the unloved angel weeps when he hears these dreams, because he cannot hear his Father (Thou-Who-Art-In-Heaven-Hallowed-Be-Thy-Name) anymore.

And he wishes angels could sleep and dream, for if they could, perhaps he could be with his father again.
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